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Gonna seduce u mkay? (Or try) @ Raguna


Gretel made her way into the Gym wearing her Cheerleading uniform. She actually hadn’t gotten any practice at all yet. (Then again, neither did anyone else). But that wasn’t the point of this right now. She had a dare to seduce someone, AND flirt with a teacher. sighing, she tied up her hair into a wavy ponytail and gathered up her pom-poms in one hand. Looking around, she wondered where the gym teacher was. “Mr. Raguna? Hallo? are you in here?” she called out, looking for him.

While the kids were busy working on their spring fair assignments, Raguna had been taking the time to keep up his own physique - this gave him something to do, and kept him in the general area so that he’d be there if any troubles should pop up.

Today, he’d been taking advantage of the school pool, swimming laps in his spare time.  When he heard the student call out to him, he was on his way to the change rooms, still dripping wet, with a towel around his shoulders. 

"Can I help you?" he asked, running the towel through his hair as he changed his destination from changing room to the blonde girl in the gym.  Maybe she was here because of a problem with the cheer squad? 

Ceci?! Is that really you?!

“Raguna! Yeah, it is me!! How are you?”

"I’m doing really great. It feels like it’s been so long since I saw you!" he kneels down and ruffles her hair with a big smile on his face. "How have you been?"

Sidequest #2: STB @Raguna


How was he going to avoid making this dare extremely awkward? He just hadn’t gotten lucky with these dares. At least this one was only a kiss on the cheek. Still, it was a kiss on the cheek of the gym teacher.

Finding Mr. Raguna alone, Shea gave him a brief nod in greeting. He paused before getting the teacher’s attention with a simple call of his name. Quickly, so as to avoid the awkwardness that would set in otherwise, he placed a quick smooch on Raguna’s cheek.

Muttering a small sorry, Shea was quick to flee the area, leaving the teacher to his thoughts.

Seeing the student approach him, Raguna put on a friendly smile, not at all sure why a student was coming over to see him after hours.  ”Can I help you with something, Shea?” 

Hearing the muttered apology, he tilted his head to the side, about to inquire as to why, only to get kissed. 

The teacher’s jaw dropped, his cheeks heating as he struggled to call out to the boy and failed miserably. Was this… A school boy crush or something, or…?

Rubbing the back of his neck, he sighed. What the heck?!

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Well, if I HAVE to… || MHS Part-Time Job



“Sorry I came late…!”

Phillip showed, panting a little from reaching here on time. He fixed his uniform to look neat and dignified. He smoothed his orange hair a little before walking towards the teacher and the student who would possibly work with in the future. The casual student sighed in relied and smiled at Mr. Raguna.

“Sorry for being late,” he said, bowing in respect. “I had to finish my quiz, since I took a long time.” He straightened up and smiled. “I’m Phillip,” he introduced himself. “I signed up to be your assistant.”

Upon hearing the mountain of chores to be done, Angela’s eyes widened. HOLY SHIT that was a lot to do! She was just about to agree to splitting the chores when the ginger showed up. Phillip.

“Well, at least everything is going to be easier to split. Thanks’s for gracing us with your presence, Phillip.” Angela rolled her eyes. Turning to the teacher she gave him a small smile. “I’ll take care of the gym equipment, if that’s alright.”

Relief washed over Raguna when the red head rushed over to them. He had thought there was supposed to be another student, and this definitely would make the work a lot easier. 

"I thought someone was missing! Thanks for joining us, Phillip. I’m Coach Raguna." he glanced over at Angela and laughed nervously, noting the irritation in the girl’s tone of voice. Bad first impression for Phillip, it seemed. "Sure, go right ahead, Angela. Thanks for your help."

Once Angela had gotten started on her duties, Raguna cast the ginger an apologetic smile, “Sorry about that. Uhh, how about you get started gathering up the towels from the men’s locker room, and I’ll put the bleachers away? Sound okay?”

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sexydoctorsclub said: "Mr. Raguna!" Ayame called as she walked into the man's office, "Would you want to maybe go on a date with me sometime? Feel free to say no. I wouldn't take offense. I just... Was dared to ask. It's all a bit silly, actually."

Raguna looked up in surprise, a smile flitting across his face when he saw the doctor enter his office. He got to his feet and cast her a friendly smile, “Oh, Doctor Ayame! It’s great to see you again!” a heavy blush crossed his face at her offer and he had to give himself a shake to snap himself out of it. “O-Oh!” he laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. Of course it was a date! How silly! “Well, I don’t know about a date, but we should grab a coffee or something sometime. I mean, if you want.”

Well, if I HAVE to… || MHS Part-Time Job


The only real reason Angela was doing this was because she needed the cash. There were much better ways she could spend her Thursdays as opposed to trailing Mr. Raguna around all day.

But there was shit she needed to buy, so there she was.

Raguna went over the check list on his clip board, hoping he didn’t forget anything that needed to get done before tomorrow’s practices began.  If it wasn’t for having student volunteers, he really wouldn’t know what to do with himself.  There was just so much that always needed to be done at this school! 

"Thanks for coming, Angela." he said, smiling at her softly as he glanced at her from above the clip board in his hands. As he looked back down at it, he realized he’d have to put her to work, as much as he felt bad for having to do that. "Let’s see.. The bleachers need to be put away in the gym, along with the gym equipment… Someone else is dealing with the pool today, so we don’t need to do that.. The towels need to be collected from both of the changing rooms and put into the laundry…."

He frowned at her apologetically. “How about we just split the chores?”

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Teacher’s Lounge (Open)



Ayame had been in the teacher’s lounge for around ten minutes, and was sitting contently with a book and a cup of tea when she heard the door open. She blinked; surprised, and her head shot up to observe whoever had entered the room. She raised her eyebrows and took a calm sip of her tea as she realized who the strange person was. The Physical Education teacher… Surprisingly, she hadn’t seen him much at all.

“Hello… I’m doing alright. You look pretty… Tired out.” She laughed slightly, dog-earing the page of the book she was on, and setting the novel down. “You’re Mr. Raguna, right?”

Raguna felt a little guilty when he noticed the book in the nurse’s hands.  Oops!  He had spoken out loud without even seeing if he would bother someone.  He smiled sheepishly, turning his body so he could look at her properly. “Ah, ya. Lots of running around today! And I still have club activities to supervise.” he laughed lightly, getting back to his feet so that he could present his hand to her. “That’s right. You can just call me Raguna.  And you’re Doctor Ayame, right? Ahhh… Sorry if I disturbed your reading, by the way. I wasn’t paying any attention, aha.”